Small world, big city

I was born in Knoxville, Iowa and grew up loving books, television and movies. Especially the scary stuff.

In high school I was a drama nerd, and later attended the University of Iowa, graduating with a B.A. in Broadcasting and Film.

After college I moved to Chicago to work in advertising. In addition to copywriting positions at some of the city's top agencies, I also wrote numerous magazine articles, and was the lead content producer at Oprah.com from 1995-2000.

My debut story, "Unto the Sons, the Daughters," was published by The Baybury Review and subsequently nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Following an absence from writing -- during which I became a usability professional, bought a house and did other grown-up things -- I returned to fiction with my story "The Boys of Bald Cave" in the Dark Scribe Press anthology Unspeakable Horror.

I continue to live, write and ride bicycles in Chicago, I still enjoy books, television and movies. Especially the scary stuff.

More short stories and a novel are also in the works.




Copyright 2016, C. Michael Cook

"Young Corn" by Grant Wood, 1931