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"The Night Crier," in Farolight Publishing's anthology The Horror Library Volume 6, Spring, 2017.
A recent widower leaves his house to track down the bird keeping him awake each night and encounters something unexpected in the woods.

Estate Sale Stories, 2009-2010. 
A year-long chronicle of estate sales in the city and suburbs of Chicago. Photos and commentary from the inside of other people's houses that are funny, sad and sometimes scary.

"The Living World," in the Cutting Block Press anthology The Horror Library Volume 3, 2008 and "Best Of" anthology, 2015.
Bram Stoker Nominee for Best Anthology, 2009; Honorable Mention Year's Best Horror, 2009 -- A young counselor at an anorexia clinic learns a secret from one of her patients that causes her to see the world in a new and frightening way.

"The Boys of Bald Cave," in the Dark Scribe Press anthology Unspeakable Horror2008.
Bram Stoker Award for Best Anthology, 2009; Honorable Mention Year's Best Horror, 2009 -- The summer they are twelve, two boys awaken a presence within the cave near their homes. One later disappears; the other is haunted by grief and shame.

"The Dark," in Swell, Holiday Issue, 2002.
After a man leaves behind his family to embark on a new life, he finds himself in limbo as a mysterious darkness engulfs him and the rest of the world.

"Unto the Sons, the Daughters," in The Baybury Review, Vol. 1, Issue 2.
Pushcart Prize Nominee -- A woman waits for her husband to return from a strange, annual hunting trip, worried about what he may bring home with him and what it will mean for her troubled family.





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